Private Event Catering

We offer 3 levels of private catering for all your party and event requirements. We can bring our full gazebo set up and all the fun you can handle…heres an example of a menu we provided recently..

Beef Brisket Chilli –

Our signature dish, we slow roast our brisket for 8 hours, let it fall apart then put it into our own wicked chilli sauce. We use 40 plus ingredients including 7 different types of chillies (Guajillo, pasilla, ancho, chipotle, mulato and our homegrown Katies and Jigsaws!) These produce a flavour like you have never tasted before and is a taste explosion in your mouth!

Sweet potato, Pumpkin and white bean chilli

Our vegetarian and vegan option (gluten free), this is by no means a second choice.

Roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkins are added to red and yellow peppers, chick peas and white beans simmered in coconut milk with our own blend of spices and chillies to deliver a taste that will have you coming back for more!


Red and Green salsa (vegetarian and vegan)

Home-made with passion, our salsas use fresh herbs and spices to provide the perfect accompaniment to our main dishes. Avocados, tomatillos, red and green peppers, cucumber, celery, red onions, are some of the stars but the Zing comes from our selection of home grown chillies.

Sour Cream with grated horseradish and zest of limes and lemons

Wow, this is one that keeps them coming back for more; it tastes as good as it sounds!

Mexican Coleslaw

Our own special take on an old classic, using our own Smokey chipotle mayonnaise this is coleslaw with a twist!

Rice and peas

As it says, but with our own special flavours added in!

Tortilla chips

Imported from Mexico, these are the real deal.

4 Cheese sauce

Made with a selection of cheeses and chillies, this is a winner as a dip or smothered on top of everything else !


Jalepeno – Where we will bring all our food to you , drop it off and leave you to enjoy your night and come back and collect the serving dishes the next day.

Habernero – Where we will come with our full set up and serve your guests for the evening , clear everything up and take it all away that night.


Reaper – Where we bring the party to you ! Full set up with gazebo and all serving and cleaning up.Ponchos and sombreros for all , We also bring our own tequila girls and mariachi band to make your party hot hot hot !! We will organize a chilli eating competition , tastings of all our wicked chilli products and make sure you and your guests have a night to remember.


Contact us for full details and quotes for all your party needs…spice up your party with The Chilli Man.