Yorkshire Barghest – new variety we are helping with

So last year Dennis Hughs grew the first generation of his new cross, Yorkshire Barghest with good results. The cross is Bhut Orange Copenhagen x Trindidad Scorpion CARDI, so a fine pedigree with two classic varieties as parent strains.

The F1 pods were a big hit, deepest blood orange colour when fully ripe, great flavour, huge pods and wickedly hot (estimate lower end super hot based by the Stella consumed by Gary Anson during the taste test!). The plant was extremely productive too.

We are growing the F2 seeds this year for him and are really looking forward to how they turn out.


Seeds are in for 2018

A bit late this year due to injuries but…the babies are in the propagator…
Monkey Face
Bloody riot orange
Red Bhutla
Little Bastard
NagaBrain chocolate
Black Cobra
White Fatalli
Chocolate Apocalypse
Ahi Amarillo
Goats Weed
Orange Thai
7 Pot Brain strain
Pink Tiger
Carolina reaper
Tiger/reaper cross
Big Black Mama
Yaki Blue
Major pain cross
Plus a few random crosses…
Let the fun begin.
Thanks for all the seed swaps guys 🌶🌶🌶

Update for January 18 – Injury.

Unfortunately I had an accident over the Xmas period and have torn the ligaments in my knee , which means I am on crutches and under-going rehabilitation for the next 4-6 weeks. This means that we will not be doing any events in the short term.

We hope to be back up and running in February and look forward to seeing you all at events from then.

We will keep you all updated on our recovery and wish you all a happy 2018.


Neal The Chilliman

Legendary Chilli Man joins us..

The Legendary chilli head and grower,Dave Singleton,has just sent us an update on his plants,as above..he has agreed to exclusively supply the ChilliMan this year..we can’t wait to try some of these ones and will be available for you too 🌶🌶👍👍..welcome aboard Dave..looking forward to learning from you mate.

Just a few pods from the chilli jungle, this is about 10% of the varieties I’m doing.
7 Pot x Butch T, habanero mustard, 7 Pot bubblegum, yellow fail, black panther, hot Jamaican red, Ethiopia fire, reaper x bhut, reaper, wartry x, peach Bhut..

A menu for a recent private event we catered for..

Menu for charity lunches 6-14th June 2017

Beef Brisket Chilli –

Our signature dish, we slow roast our brisket for 8 hours, let it fall apart then put it into our own wicked chilli sauce. We use 40 plus ingredients including 7 different types of chillies (Guajillo, pasilla, ancho, chipotle, mulato and our homegrown Katies and Jigsaws!) These produce a flavour like you have never tasted before and is a taste explosion in your mouth!

Sweet potato, Pumpkin and white bean chilli

Our vegetarian and vegan option (gluten free), this is by no means a second choice.

Roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkins are added to red and yellow peppers, chick peas and white beans simmered in coconut milk with our own blend of spices and chillies to deliver a taste that will have you coming back for more!


Red and Green salsa (vegetarian and vegan)

Home-made with passion, our salsas use fresh herbs and spices to provide the perfect accompaniment to our main dishes. Avocados, tomatillos, red and green peppers, cucumber, celery, red onions, are some of the stars but the Zing comes from our selection of home grown chillies.

Sour Cream with grated horseradish and zest of limes and lemons

Wow, this is one that keeps them coming back for more; it tastes as good as it sounds!

Mexican Coleslaw

Our own special take on an old classic, using our own Smokey chipotle mayonnaise this is coleslaw with a twist!

Rice and peas

As it says, but with our own special flavours added in!

Tortilla chips

Imported from Mexico, these are the real deal.

4 Cheese sauce

Made with a selection of cheeses and chillies, this is a winner as a dip or smothered on top of everything else !



What’s in our signature beef chilli ?

The Chilliman’s wicked Chilli – for the UK Chilli cook-off 2017 –London heat

We use prime top-side , finely chopped by our local butcher ,Roy, in our Chilli.

This is slowly simmered for 4 hours in our own wicked chilli sauce whose ingredients are listed below…..


Top side beef

Onions , celery ,tomatoes, kidney beans

Smoked garlic, fresh ginger, smoked paprika, cumin, Mexican cinnamon sticks, star anise.

We then add dark chocolate, anchovies, coffee and the juice of a fresh lime.

We then add the magic consisting of Jalepenos , Guajillo, pasilla, ancho ,chipotle and mulato chillie sauces…

But the stars of the show are our own home grown fresh Jigsaws, Orange Copenhagen and Katie’s !!


These add the wow factor that you will love !

Enjoy and vote for us if you do !




The Chilliman UK